Travel experience - Explore Van village, Da Nang

   Van Village, also known as Da Nang Leper Village, is a small village located at the foot of Hai Van Pass in Nam Chon Bay and nestled on Isabelle's nose. The village is surrounded by forests, the sea and completely isolated from Danang City.

Experience and necessary notes when exploring Van village

As a small village on the coast and with relatively harsh climatic conditions, the best time to explore Lang Van is from March to September. This time the weather in Da Nang Pretty nice, sunny, windy. The sunlight in the blue sea is extremely beautiful.

You can completely take the initiative in visiting Van village because coming here does not take too much time.
This is an isolated village from the city, everything is not available here, so you will not be able to buy anything when you come here. So, you have to buy and bring the necessary items, utensils, food, as well as equip yourself with all the necessary supplies when you come here. Things you should not forget when coming to Lang Van include:
  • Identity card (of course not).
  • Personal item. Including: clothes, bathing suits, hats, glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mosquito repellent (extremely important items when camping outdoors at night), sunscreen, towels, beach sandals / slippers pears, ... Tents, tarpaulins, medicines, lighters, flashlights (one each), ...
  • Eating and drinking: To make the trip more enjoyable, there should be cooking. For any dish that needs to be cooked, prepare and season it first at home. Arriving just cooked / baked up. You can choose to make delicious barbecue dishes, cook duck porridge, ... You should buy more bread, sandwiches and noodles, sweet potatoes or squid / dried fish to bring. Tools need to bring a pot, a cooler to preserve food and ice. In addition, there are knives, spices, grills (if necessary), coal, bowls, cups, maybe a little beer and soft drinks ...
  • Drinking water: every 3 liters of water / person for 2 days 1 night or more to prevent in case of necessity.
Options to move to Van village in Da Nang.

  Phone Viber/ WhatsApp/Line/free Call or chat: +84 935466858
As mentioned above, the village of Van Da Nang is completely separate from the city because there is no road for the village bus.
  • By road
  • Going by waterway
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