Phong Nha - a destination of the world natural heritage

Phong Nha day trip from Hue – Private Driver

Come with us on this 220-km route from Hue city to Phong Nha National Park with VN Car Service. We offer the best quality service that guarantees your most comfortable experience en route.
Sit back and relax during the long journey that passes by Central Vietnam’s beautiful nature and historical sites from which you can choose for your rest stops! Our private car truly outweighs any other means of transport such as local/sleeping bus or train.
You might be interested to see what’s available to see and enjoy along the way. Over the 5-hour drive, it is highly recommended that you visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) – a war-free buffer between the North and the South but also the site of some of the worst battles in Vietnam’s history. It’s possible to see hundreds of weapons, artillery and military tanks left behind by foreign troops and destroyed foundations of former American military bases buildings.
Phong Nha - a destination of the world natural heritage

The journey will take you back to La Vang Sanctuary known as the "Emirate of La Vang cathedral". The place is called the Holy Land of the Catholic community in the province and throughout the provinces in the country. Coming to La Vang, you will see the ancient architecture of Dinh Cat once famous under feudalism.

La Vang Sanctuary is not only famous for its large scale and unique architecture, but also this place is famous for the miracle of Our Lady in the hearts of the people here. It is a belief in the manifestation of Our Lady that helps the faithful to overcome the diseases in the sacred forest of the ancient country. Therefore, later, parishioners chose the position of an ancient tree at the place of Our Lady's birth to build the current La Vang church. And every year, La Vang welcomes more than 500,000 parishioners from all over the country to visit.

Along with LaVang, Quang Tri Citadel is also a chosen place to visit not because of the historical value of the citadel but at its famous in the war. This is where the confrontation lasted 81 days and nights in the fiery summer days of 1972.

The place once suffered a terrible number of bombs and experts judged by the destructive power of 7 atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Along with Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River, which used to be known as one of the two most famous demilitarized zones in the world (the 37th parallel separates the two Koreas).

In this journey, Eagle Travel will take you to Phong Nha - Ke Bang, which is referred to as "The hometown of the scene" or "The palace in the earth" organized by Hoang Gia Anh Cave. and call the name. With the pristine natural beauty, picturesque water paintings with a series of unique natural architecture has been twice recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage in 2003 and 2015.

Coming to Phong Nha, you will discover the underground rivers through the mountains, the magical caves dating back millions of years. Feel the grandeur of the oldest, largest tropical limestone system in the world spread over 200,000 hectares with more than 300 large and small caves with countless strange and fascinating creatures.

 Coming to Phong Nha, you will be admired by the rustic and peaceful beauty of the village nestled on the banks of the Son River. See the emerald green water very rarely where there is winding around the limestone mountains.

It is also the pristine nature, which Phong Nha is currently one of the very HOT destinations on the tourism map of Vietnam and the world. With the 7 most honored by the Guinness World Organization:

The highest and widest cave door
The most beautiful sand and broad sand beach
The most beautiful underground lake
The most magnificent and magical stalactite system
The cave has the longest underground river (13,969 m)
The largest and most beautiful dry cave
     Therefore, this place was chosen to be the setting in the movie King Kong that stirred the famous box office in the world.

     And if you want to come to experience the magical unspoiled beauty in Phong Nha - Ke Bang, you must book quickly before going to the whole year to have the opportunity to visit all the best things in this place.

         With a relatively short tour time, you have to travel a lot, so you need to pay attention to stay healthy, drink enough water and especially should bring a little luggage, buy a pair of walking shoes to facilitate transportation. !!!
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