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   My Son Sanctuary of Vietnam ranked 9th in the top 10 most beautiful and famous temple complexes in Southeast Asia
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Ticket price to My Son Sanctuary: 150,000 VND / time for international visitors and 100,000 VND / time for domestic tourists (Tickets include tram ride to the monument and see a cultural performance)
My Son Sanctuary is a complex consisting of many ancient Cham Pa temples in a valley with a diameter of about 2km, surrounded by hills and mountains. Formerly this was the place of organization and sacrifice of the Champa kingdom as well as the burial place of the contemporaries. The mecca is always considered one of the main and most important temple centers in Vietnam in general and of Southeast Asia in general.

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What is fun and interesting in My Son tourism? Discover My Son Sanctuary

This relic is completely separate from the outside world surrounded by wild groves, not covered by restaurants and souvenir shops that obscure the passage. Inside the campus there is only one unit that is allowed to do business but also has a plan and is located in a neat location.

At My Son Sanctuary, there are mainly Quang Nam guides, they are very passionate about the profession as well as the person who gives you the enthusiasm for the spiritual value of the monument.
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As one of the famous temples in My Son, it is not to promote the worshiping at the relic area with the image of burning incense everywhere in the country.

People in My Son area are very friendly, enthusiastic and willing to help when you need it.

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