Experience in exploring Tra Que vegetable village, Hoi An is extremely new

Hoi An tourism in recent years has always been the most attractive destination for all visitors. In addition to An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Ancient Town ... this place is also famous for Tra Que Vegetable Village. If you want to experience the feeling of a farmer and want your child to have a close life with the village, immediately experience the experience of exploring Tra Que vegetable village, Hoi An and going with your family.
What is fun to visit Tra Que vegetable village?

How to move to Tra Que vegetable village

Location of Tra Que Vegetable Village: Tra Que Vegetable Village is located in Tra Que Village, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City. About 2km northeast of the city center lies between the De Vong river and Tra Que algae.
The way to Tra Que vegetable village: From the center of the old town - along Hai Ba Trung route - through the first bridge is to Tra Que Vegetable Village, located on the right.

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 What month should travel to Tra Que vegetable village?

Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An is located in the transition zone between North and South climates, so it also has a cold winter and a hot season but not too hot like the South. In general, the climate here is quite mild and pleasant with an average temperature of 28 - 33oC in the summer and 18 - 23oC in the cold season.

According to the experience of traveling to Tra Que Vegetable Village, the best time to come here is in the months from May to July or from September to December. From the atmosphere to the scenery, there is a charm that is hard to give up. . However, according to the forum, you should go to the vegetable village in February to April every year when this place does not have cool rain and fresh green trees suitable to participate in the activities of the vegetable village.

What is fun and interesting to visit Tra Que vegetable village?

In Tra Que vegetable village, there are many households that provide sightseeing services and participate in the cultivation of clean vegetables. You will be transformed into true farmers with slippers, conical hats that the farmers here convey. For visitors who do not live and grow in the countryside, this experience will certainly be extremely new and interesting.
Riding bicycle around the village
Riding bicycle around the village

If you do not like the vegetable growing activities, you can choose the garden restaurants to enjoy the specialties of Hoi An such as: Shrimp meat, pork rice paper, stir-fried mussel rice with chopped vegetables, fried onions make delicious you can never forget. The famous dishes in Hoi An are gathered here and the special thing is to use Tra Que vegetables. This is why the Hoi An specialty food eaten in Tra Que is so much better.
I recommend watching sunrise or sunset there. With the absence of buildings, Tra Que Village is an open and beautiful scenic spot. The sun looks like a huge egg, surrounded by the deep red and striped clouds, and reflected in the smooth surface of the river. Let’s enjoy the beauty of nature, and take stunning photos of this moment.
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