Experience going to Bach Ma National Park

If you think that Hue has only mausoleums and when going to Hue just wandering around a number of scenic spots in the inner city, it is a mistake. Because more than that, Hue has many beautiful natural landscapes, charming country, including Bach Ma National Park. Just one day "straying" here, you not only be immersed in the wild nature with the cool streams or lakes consecutively in Ngu Ho but also have the opportunity to conquer the peak of Vong Hai Dai and climb. Do Quyen mighty waterfall with an altitude of over 300 meters ... and many other interesting experiences. If you are a lover of exploring new roads, challenges and conquering nature, this is the ideal journey for you.

How to go to Bach Ma National Park - Hue?

How to go to Bach Ma National Park, Hue?
One of the beautiful streets in Bach Ma
Hue - Bach Ma route: From the center of Hue city, you take the car in the direction of Da Nang and then go straight to National Highway 1A, from here ask for directions to Phu Loc commune and go straight until you see the signpost to Bach Ma then follow the directions and get there.

Da Nang - Bach Ma route: You follow the direction of Hai Van Pass to National Highway 1A then follow the instructions as on the palace of Hue - Bach Ma above.

After arriving at Bach Ma National Park, stop for a ticket (40,000 VND / ticket / person). From the gate to the top of Bach Ma is quite far, about 19 km so if you have the blood "dose" and good health, you can continue walking

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What to do to Bach Ma National Park?

If your plan to visit and experience Bach Ma National Park is only 1 day, you should bring a tent to camp to relax and take a break. If you don't want to bring a lot of things or want to stay overnight, there are a number of homestays and motels to choose from.

Experience going to Bach Ma Hue National Park
  1. Camping: Within the grounds of Bach Ma National Park, there are lots of flat and beautiful open land. You can bring camping equipment or rent here to set up tents to rest and relax.
  2. Homestay: At the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, there are many homestays for you to choose. Depending on your budget and sleep needs, choose a reasonable resting place.
  3. Guest houses - Hotels: At the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, there are many, prices range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND / room depending on room quality.

Dining experience in Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is famous for being a pristine tourist destination and encourages the spirit of self-sufficient travel and experience, so the catering service is not very developed. You should bring a mini gas stove or prepare food from home to bring. When you get to the top, spread out the camping tent and eat out. This is definitely a best picnic for you while traveling Hue.

Famous places to visit in Bach Ma National Park

bach ma national park is located in central vietnam in the province
Bạch Mã national park
As soon as you arrive at Bach Ma National Park, you will feel a cool air, give you the spirit to conquer all the beauty that Bach Ma owns. You will visit the gallery of Bach Ma National Park, learn about the primary ecosystem of the park. There are many rare and valuable species of wood brought by the French to come here, many valuable birds with many different voices create a chorus in the middle of deep forests.

Hai Vong Dai: This place is considered to be the most interesting place to visit Bach Ma National Park, standing on Hai Vong Dai, you can zoom in to admire and admire the whole beautiful, charming natural landscape of Bach Ma mountain. In particular, from here you can see Lang Co beach, Canh Duong beach as one with blue sky.
Vong Hai Dai landscape on the summit of Bach Ma
Do Quyen Waterfall: The Do Quyen waterfall is always a source of uplifting emotions for every visitor coming here. You will have to go down 689 stone steps to admire the Do Quyen silk strip which is flying white in Bach Ma National Park.
Do Quyen Waterfall
Ngu Ho: The special name of this place comes from the idea that 5 small lakes combine to form a big stream. The cool streams at Ngu Ho will make you feel like a relaxing place to visit the national park.

Discover the trails within the park's parkland: Walking on the trails in the park's park is an experience activity not to be missed. Not only have the opportunity to admire the natural beauty along the Tri Sao Trail leading to the Tri Sao waterfall, the Do Quyen trail leading to the Do Quyen waterfall, the Vong Hai Dai trail, the Ngu Ho trail, ... but also the opportunity to explore destroying rare and precious trees named in red books. If you are interested in exploring nature on the roads, this will be the ideal journey for you.

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